Saturday, August 31, 2013


Getting Better
I've Noticed I've Been Downsizing
My Fears
They Seem To Be Less In Size
Each Year

From Luggage Size
To Knapsack
To Fanny Pack
To Wallet
Just Getting Smaller
Maybe Next Year I'll Keep Them
In My Pocket
I'm Just NOT Sure

But, That Opens A Can of Worms
Within Itself

For Years I Kept My Hand In My Pocket
Because Of Fear
Being Born Without Four Fingers
Was My Reason For Hiding

I Didn't Think I Was Good Enough
NOW I Know That's Not True

Over The Years, My Hand
Hasn't Changed Much
But My Attitude Towards It
Certainly Has

What Was Once Huge
Is Very Manageable
My Whole Perspective
And Quality Of Interaction
Have Just Gotten Better

I Know It's Been Said
Many Times and in Many Ways
But, ''It's Amazing What A Little
Self-Acceptance Will Do''

Sunday, August 25, 2013


 The Unpredictable Wheelchair
 Does It Really Matter To You
Where I Write My Masterpiece?
I Could Be Sitting Here or There,
But, You Wouldn't Know,
Or Would You?

 If I Am Not Comfortable
It May Be Different

If There's Something Impinging Itself
You Will Know About It
If I'm Sitting Wrong
My Poem Will Testify To That

 The Poems I Write Have Much To Do
With My Comfort Level
If Things Aren't Right,
Then We'll ALL Have A Lousy Day.

 And That's Today's MASTERPIECE...

It's Called

Saturday, August 10, 2013





---I think that most folks are very frustrated. They are frustrated from NOT reaching their potentials and functioning at their highest possible level. They are NOT quite being who they really are and what is really possible for them.

---Most folks are settling in a sense. I think that NOT knowing what they are capable of…factors in very strongly. Folks are, usually, NOT presented with choices that would increase their ability and don’t know how to make proper choices to stay present, where they are.

---To live and love in the present moment…seems to be optimal. So, taking this to be a true statement…we must concede that most folks aren’t living in the present moment when that is where they are ALL THE TIME. What’s wrong? Why is this the case?

---I feel that most choices presented to folks are NOT for the present moment. Most effects of the choices people make, propel them elsewhere…like a pinball bouncing around.

---People have to make choices based on what brings them into the present moment. It is the ‘’choiceless awareness’’ that is in the present. The result of the choice always leads one away. If one likes and enjoys WHAT HE DOES, where he is, then he will stay. If one is NOT comfortable with where he is…then he will always find himself going elsewhere. This is how we go from being a ‘’frustrated’’ being into…WHO WE ARE, where we are.

---When we do things that we enjoy doing…IT GIVES OUR LIVES QUALITY. It works from the inside - OUT. When we do things we like, we will enjoy being where we are. If we wait until we enjoy the place that we are…before we begin doing things that we like to do - we may find ourselves spending much of the time ‘’waiting and hating’’ where we are. This can apply to the way that we view our relationship to the world and universe, itself. Take Care.