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---I think many people are caught up in this. Many of us are in pursuit of what we think we should be and never find the treasure that exists inside. Often we are told to modify our behavior and ''act'' in a good way or ''polite'' way, at the ''cost'' of being ourselves. We seek ''approval'' at our own expense. Children seem to be especially accosted in this way. It's where the mold takes shape.

 ---I am a firm ''believer'' in what we have within, and once people have cleaned out their muck and mire, they will be naturally good--and it Won't Be Acting. Folks will finally realize that being yourself is the best that you can be and it is important to be intelligent in your actions. All of us have this to go through. It is not an ''easy'' thing to do, but the benefits outweigh any ''hardships'' one may encounter.

---Many times our families and relations have such a hold on us that we act in a way that ''pleases'' them or in some cases ''rebels'' to what they think, as opposed to who and what we would naturally do if we were ''free'' of all of this. Don't fret too much as our parents and relations, themselves, are probably caught in this, also, from their parents, relations, etc. Also, though, this does not excuse their behavior, either, or make it any easier. Work this out or get this worked out, forgive them, forgive yourself and move on.

---Much of the time we find ourselves competing and comparing ourselves to others instead of ''being'' who we are. As long we are faring better than our neighbor, or the next guy, we can ''feel'' we are doing alright. We put much stock in being in the Status Quo of things. Unfortunately, we accept pettiness as a reaity, instead of discovering and uncovering the Truth we have inside ourselves.

---Find what is inside and don't settle. Don't get yourself caught in the point of view that is the ''common'' one. Realize what You have Within. Begin by telling yourself the Truth and watch it blossom. It starts there, Within Yourself. No matter how trivial it may ''sound'' at first, You will unravel the mysteries of Who You Are and ''Life'' itself, eventually. Be Well.
[Originally written in summer of 2007]

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