Saturday, July 27, 2013



---People are NOT the same. I will grant that we ALL have the same emotions and we ALL pick and choose from the same racks. We usually have some relationship with the trendy things, but when push comes to shove, I find that I tend to spend my time with people I prefer to be with.

---That is not to say that I don't care for everyone, It is just saying that some ''float my boat,'' better. These are the ones I spend more time with. The others fit in the, ''live and let live,'' compartment. I don't think that there is anything unusual about this.

---If you have a relationship with different people, you will see that the make up of one can be entirely different, than another. Each may push your buttons differently. You will find you prefer one over another. It is next to impossible to prefer everyone the same. This may occur at those times we would rather be alone, but even then our preferences come back into it.

---What I do find unusual, is that I think at the facility I live - there is a belief that ALL people are the same. The belief is that the residents are the residents...and that is about as far as it goes. IN TRUTH...we are very different as is everyone else, but, when push comes to shove...we somehow all get lumped together.

---I'm sure that it was much worse in days gone by, but there weren't people like myself (and others) who brought it up a lot. From my naïve vantage point...I would think that everyone concerned are NOW happier because a happier hospital is land ahoy AND in vision. But, it must be a different vision than I'm seeing than those with clout are looking for. It is very frustrating.

--- I really thought that those with clout would see that to Enjoy Living (that means the resident/patient) would have to Be Heard + Taken Seriously. That would happen and changes would follow.  COMPLETELY NAIVE on my part. That seems to have gone over the heads of many people (with clout) at the hospital. I realize, now, that it must be something else that they are looking for.

---If they ever get around to stuff I care about...let me know. They are far too complicated for me. I plan on writing some more. That I can't seem to help. But knowing how to play in their game has got me stumped. Take Care.

''People Are Only Interchangeable...if you have NO relationship to them! One size does NOT fit all!''

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