Monday, May 27, 2013



---Do you catastrophize everything? Do you think that something is wrong with everything? We know that nothing is usually perfect, (if it seems it is...just wait awhile. It won't be.) So, finding the flaw in every plan and idea, sounds like a good thing. Let's see.
---When we catastrophize...we think in the ''what if's,'' a lot. What if this happens or that happens? We are continually looking for the shoe to drop. Or, the other shoe. We aren't satisfied for too, too long. We are waiting for the flaw to kick in.
---But, this is very important. We don't have to look at what happens as something that interferes with our fun. If we know that what we are doing is the right thing to do, then there is no problem. If no one is hurt in the process, and we see others jump on the bandwagon and all is positive, then we have a winner.
---If we begin trampling on someone else in the process, and they counter our move then we have problems. We may have to re-examine our motive and what we are doing.
---It is better for us to involve ourself with people and places that keep things positive. When we start our ''harmless,'' joking, be sure that the brunt of your harmless joke - is laughing, also, and that your comment won't be misconstrued. It is easy to make someone look bad, so we will ''feel,'' good. This is a short-term best. If you take care of things on this end, you will see yourself catastrophizing a lot less.
---If we find that we spend a lot of time concerning ourselves with the ''faults + flaws'' of others...we can be sure that we will NOT really trust their behavior and worry about their response and reaction on many things. Take Care.

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