Monday, May 27, 2013


CHANGE: Going From One Mindset To Another.

---We have gone through many changes within the walls of the hospital, where we live. The CNA’s have changed, and we see a change in the Resident Council. What kind of things affect the ways in which we deal with these changes.
---It seems the more flexible and open we are to what is happening, plays a major role. The more narrow and set in our ways, then the more difficult, change is.
---Change is inevitable in ALL circumstances, as this is truly the nature of things. We have ALL made many adjustments to changes in our past, and the future holds many more, I don’t doubt. Some even say that the only thing that is constant, IS change.
 ---Each change brings a lot of newness into  our lives. We seem to learn something, in every change. These are the lessons that life itself is teaching us. Our ability to adapt to change, is a quality we all seem to possess. Each birth is a change, and each death is a change. Change is the way that new things come into being. It seems that we may as well go with it, and learn as we go. Learning to adapt to CHANGE, itself, seems very important. Be Well.


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