Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Easier Said Than Done -
(Confessions of a Wheelchair Quarterback)
---Why is this statement...True. We know that it is very, true, for the most part. It is much easier being an armchair quarterback, than to, actually, make the very things you discuss, happen.
---As soon as one begins, the naysaying starts. Even if what you say makes perfect sense and would do much good, an idea doesn't go too far.
---Nowadays, people are already committed, and to get a bunch, let alone the right bunch, on the same page, is very difficult.
---What I wonder is - Why is this the case? Many have already chosen a life-style, and to make changes becomes, ''an old dog, new tricks,'' situation. People are generally addicted to the way they see things - and it usually is so close and ingrained, that they don't even see anything different.
---Their tends to be a lot of emotional attachment to a status quo. This happens to be another Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Despair and then Acceptance - situation. It is a process of letting-go of the old and allowing something new to take its place.
---Why the first step is so difficult, is that we have chosen to make feeding the family a priority and many times to take jobs and/or positions to meet this end as opposed to what we might do if we were free of all this. So, our emotional attachments keep us from acheiving our potential.
---Alas...a New UPDATE/UPGRADED Ending from the 2008 version (above.) - People and things are changing. They are AWAKENING! People are now doing more fulfilling things.  More efficient! Meaning and purpose have taken on a new priority. It has seemed that the bad economy + condition of our planet has caused folks to reinvent themselves in a way that includes doing the right thing in the process. Corruption still exists, but more people are aware of its futility and its costs. It actually seems that some folks get embarrassed at the thought of taking more than NECESSARY. Or, at least they are more aware of their feelings toward it and ARE speaking out AGAINST IT. Learn to Be Well...again!

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