Monday, May 27, 2013



A Healthy Side

---We are going to look at the healthy side of competition. I must admit that this is ''new'' to me, as I come from the religious side that begins by making all competition wrong. The less one competes and compare oneself to others, he is more spiritual? What is this competition thing?

---I have noticed that building upon anothers ideas, is the way we have progressed and advanced. The technological evolution has taken this course. In our society, as one competes for supply/demand dollars one improves his product that befit the needs and preferences of the consumer.

---On the consumer side, taking it as a whole, we see him using things and refining as he goes along, until he settles on something that fits him or his lifestyle. His own developement is wrapped up in this, and ideally he reaches his potential through this venture. When he becomes bored with one thing...he moves on. (This puts  boredom in a more positive light, also.)

---Competition can seem to be a very healthy thing to be involved in, but it is, also, left raw and unguarded, enough, to have a downside to fall into. The objective is easily cast aside and one is competing for all the wrong reasons.

---We have said that the positive elements tend to be self-improvement, self-developement, etc., but the negatives are present, too. For instance, stepping all over someone and/or using someone for self-aggrandisement, is not cool. You don't improve if, in the process, you have destroyed another or make the society unliveable for others - by believing one is better than someone else. One is then getting his esteem, by comparing himself with others. When one sees competition in its positive light, NOT falling into getting one's esteem needs met by the process...he has a pretty good recipe.

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