Monday, May 27, 2013


Creative Self-Expression
---Self-Expression itself, is Creative. One only has to look at his ‘’accomplishments,’’ to see the creative quality. It doesn’t go much further than that.
---To utilize the creative ebb within us ALL, we must be honest with ourselves. It is all well and good to say we should be honest, but let’s look at why we are not honest, in the first place.
---We are not usually honest from the outset, because it is usually very difficult and it hurts. I am not saying that honesty is not the best policy, but I‘m saying we are as honest as we can be until it starts to be very difficult. Honesty becomes more difficult, when our self-image is involved.
---Saving face comes into play and our thinking becomes different. We are very protective. There is a conflict between what is really the truth and how we look. Saving face cuts ahead of the line. We find that we tend to exaggerate and tell
tall tales and embellish the truth, so we come out looking pretty good. We don't like to look bad. We do many things to avoid that one. The shoulds and shouldn’ts take second place. We have saving face to contend with.
---Love is the best way, but what does that even mean on the saving face level? Learn to tell the truth to yourself about how you feel. Learn to accept yourself to a greater degree. Learn to appreciate who you are...more. You will find yourself living more creatively. There will be more quality and enjoyment in your life. Be Well.

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