Tuesday, May 28, 2013


---The Clubhouse model is essentially this, (as I see it.) Those on the staff, work alongside of the clients. There is a constant mentoring and teaching going on. The clientele benefit in many ways, by this process. And...so do the staff.
----The Clubhouse is broken into different departments, (working units.) We had units of Clerical, Transitional Employment, Greeters in charge of telephone and buzzing people in, Socialization, Computers, etc. The client and staff person would work side-by-side...with benefits to both sides.

---We need something of the same at LHH, in my etimation. We need more staff/resident interaction. I, firmly, believe that both sides would benefit.
---I think this should be a pilot program, to see where it all goes. As it stands, now, there are many, many decisions made affecting the resident that does include the presence of a resident. Some of the residents are very astute...but have very little interaction with anyone involved with decisions made.
---If 20 hours are spent in meetings per week, about us I am proposing that one half hour per week, is spent, interacting and getting to know us as individuals. There is much done FOR us, but NOT much done WITH us. It is more of a me vs. them place, and not an us space. I believe that this is an We Are ALL In This, Together, World...and we have no more room for a me vs. them attitude. This is not true in all cases all the time, but the me vs. them mindset seems to pervade too often.
---If the Hospital, were more a, ''We Are ALL In This, Together,'' place...I think it would be MORE therapeutic. There then would be a pervasive mindset, that was more true...then a me vs. them, mindset. I think that the idea of Resident-Centered Care, would be more accurate, too.
---If a new Clubhouse is to be constructed...the staff would not only know their people, but they would work on the design together, wherever possible.
(written in Nov., 2008)

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